@ofapeculiarsort "Sorry, I guess I ran out of room to phrase it in question form. Would it be ok if I got those words tattooed?"

Hi — absolutely! Tattoo away. :)

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@ofapeculiarsort "I found your poem Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell on tumblr. It's absolutely beautiful and has stuck with me since the day I read it. I would love to get a small section of it (the words 'a heart the size of Arizona') as a tattoo, and I didn't think it would be right to do so without asking you first. Words can be so personal, and in the light of all the misappropriation shit, I don't want to add to the violation of your art. Thank you for considering my request & thank you for writing."

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Heyo, here’s a next-level one. And these kind folks have blocked me from their Instagram and Twitter accounts, so this will likely be next. Good times with misattribution. #copyrightinfringementisfun 


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Maybe people could be encouraged to replace the incorrect ones with these? Or some amazing designer out there could come up with better ones?

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This is actually very pretty. Trying to figure out how to contact her to let her know it’s wrong.


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Take a Lover // Frida K

Boo. Another version for sale with inadequate googling. :(


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this is the problem with corrections in captions

instead of in the thing itself. Ravenous Butterflies has since posted a correction, but the object continues to be shared with the misattribution. Le sigh.

Note: this was not written by Frida Kahlo. http://martyoutloud.com/poems/frida-kahlo-to-marty-mcconnell/

  • 9 months ago

@amatam-deactivated20140429 "hey, this is iurisandthesea :) honored to have you following me, i'm a fan of your poetry for sure, and a poet myself. you rock!"

I’m just revisiting Tumblr after an extended absence, and seeing some older messages. Thanks for writing! Hope your poem life is amazing.

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@visualgags "Hi! I'm an IP lawyer who has been following the misappropriation of your poem, and wanted to let you know that you can send notices to etsy and other companies that are hosting the copyright infringing quotes. You probably don't want to go through the pain of lawsuits, but it is important to police your work. I would be happy to answer any questions. Good luck and keep writing! --Keala Chan"

Thanks! I would love to get your advice on this — I may have to take a small break from it as it’s gotten a bit emotionally overwhelming this weekend, but I’ll be back on it within a week or so. My email is martyoutloud at gmail, if you’d be willing to backchannel me yours so that I can ask a couple of questions.

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@untamedame "I just found Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell through tumblr. It was the poem that I needed to read at this moment in my life. Thank you. (I'm glad I found out about your poetry. Sorry the internet is so terrible about sourcing things though.)"

Thanks for letting me know! I do love that the poem is out there in the world doing good, and hope the source problems don’t get in the way of people knowing that someone alive and struggling right now, in their lifetimes, wrote it. I think that’s a particular kind of comfort and joy, to know something you love has been written by someone alive while you are.

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@life-chats "i want to reblog your whole original poem because i think it's beautiful, but the link at the bottom of all the posts takes me to an external site where the poem is not rebloggable, and i'd feel really icky about copy/pasting from there to create a new post even though (obviously) i would include a link to your tumblr and a notice that the quote is being misattributed to Kahlo. can you direct me toward a version of the full thing on tumblr that you are comfortable with people reblogging?"

Hi! Thanks for checking. I’d be fine with your copy/pasting from the site, so long as the linebreaks remained intact. If you’d rather reblog directly from Tumblr, this one gets it right: http://peelsofpoetry.tumblr.com/post/34524527364/frida-kahlo-to-marty-mcconnell-by-marty-mcconnell


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Wow. Just, wow.

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